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I guess I want to be a glass bell. The fragility is a fair sacrifice for the sound. So you can see me inside of them, I suppose, or you could just leave the image of me in the backround, I guess, and watch your own reflection superimposed. It's all good.

Amelie ruined me for movies & tv. Now it's always "WATCH THE ROAD! DEAR GOD!"

Now I'm thinking of a glass tombstone, maybe filled with rose petals. People come & knock over stone tombstones, would they do the same with one made of glass? I don't understand the impulse to destroy. I understand the impulse to mess with, it's, y'know, like an iron in a forge. It needs a fire to shape it aright, creativity which is the fire. And if you think I care that I'm butchering that quote, you're wrong. It looks better as cold cuts than it ever did as a headless carcass. If I'm not careful I could get way too deep into that last metaphor & discover a basic human trait. Instead I'm going to think about...uh...pie. Yeah. Pie which is like the basic human characteristic of--

No more metaphors. Reality time.

. . .

. . .


. . .

. . .

So, how was that for you?

But, I ought to say, indiscriminate use of metaphors is bad. Like, I liked the fence story, but the things not always being what they seemed one was stupid, as was the donkey. Great, so in my beneficence I decided not to kill this guy's wife, just take away their only source of income and doom them both to a long and painful death of starvation. And I made it slightly more difficult for a rich person to reach his money. Sounds like God's a conservative. Except for the making-money-access-more-difficult part.
And then there's the donkey. Wow, my donkey fell down a well and miraculously didn't break its legs. Since there's no possible way to get it out (I can think of five or six off the top of my head), I'll do the humane thing and BURY IT ALIVE. Hey, the donkey's trying to avoid this in some way! What's with that? Oh, I get it--he can get out if he just keeps packing down the dirt I throw on him. Hooray, I got my donkey back! And all it cost me was my only source of water! Hooray! The moral of this story: People who don't know what they're doing, but are doing it "for your own good" + people who are idiots = an end to all the world's ills!

Violins are cool.
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