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use this ability only during your upkeep

I figure, as long as I'm robbing Peter anyway, I should at least have the decency to pay Paul, after all he's done for me. Unfortunately, I'm not robbing ol' Pete because I have to, but because I refuse to take any money out of my checking account.

And it's a metaphor if you know what I mean. How have you been?

My internal life is dangerously interesting. I always worry, because if I'm interested in something, that's a sure sign that I will try it once & abandon it. E.g., the whole Superman thing. Although, now that I think of it, I remember abandoning that because I was too interested in it. But, I ramble on, much in the manner of Burne, and I grandiloquize, like unto Loki. And I'm short and to the point, like Poet & Kelly, linguistically similar if nothing else, and I don't say much of anything, like Roxy. I'm not really a robot, though. Used to be. Not anymore.

I really don't know what else to comment on, except to say that I'm particularly attached to this. Also I want to watch more westerns. You know why? Because British people tell me they are America and I feel a guilty little thrill every time one a' them damn eastern city folks gets hisself near nigh shot up for bein' a stupid ponce.

Speaking of western toughness, after the recent -5 degree weather, I took off my coat in the 35 degree morning and said to myself, "Ah...balmy."
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