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if it's a crime then I'm guilty / guilty of loving you

I hadn't cried for a while. not since I got sick, I think. All of my dreams these days are about transporting fish. Last night God was speaking to me through this flattish goldfish I kept on my face. I was wandering around trying to find a glass of water for it. Eventually its eyes clouded over and it turned green and died.

So now I'm going to talk about my cat. She is extremely lovely, all black with silk fur and celydon eyes. This is what she does. When I'm doing my homework or relaxing, drawing or reading or basically anything that uses at least one of my hands, she will scratch at my door and mewl pitiously until I let her in. Sometimes this will go on for ten minutes. Once she ripped up all the carpet outside my door. Once inside, she will sit on whatever I'm doing and bite me until I pet her. After I've done the requisite amount of petting, she will bite me until I stop, and then sit on the edge of the bed until she decides to go out of my room, at which point I will have to let her out. This happens on an average of three times a night.

Now: I say to myself, isn't this a great model for a relationship?

See, now, this is why I never talk to anyone.
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