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throw me to the dogs of progress

I love talking to that guy. It always cheers me up. Because I get to see firsthand how much better my life is than his. Sure, the cost is an eternity in hell, but hey! Free porn! Woo!

Today it fogged. I could melt. We never get fog here, because the sun is too sharp, and the clouds prefer to graze on the other size of the mountains, only rarely jumping the fence into the wind shadow. I want to go to Seattle. Midday the fog turned into tiny hail, and by two o'clock had decided to give it a miss and go right on into snow. So it snowed, and I went out to eat.

Apparently, a young person eating alone is a rare and fascinating thing, much like a sideshow. From the number of people who turned around to stare in amazement at my daring consumption of stir-fry, I must have been the most interesting thing to come to that restaurant, ever. Then again, it could have been the hair. I can never rule that out entirely. Small children, for example, are always staring at my head, sometimes for hours on end. Well, no more of that, come this summer.

In closing, please enjoy this comic.
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