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Of course, it is much more important to have a safe-breaking algorithim than to have one particular solution to a safe-breaking problem.

Thinking about sin, lately. The only kind of sin I feel anymore is literary. Contemplating the creation of Bobby Shaftoe/Lawrence Prichard Waterhouse/Alan Turing slash, that's the kind of thing a vengeful god strikes you down for. I must do penance every time I start writing Betty & Veronica instead of Watchmen. It's hard, too, since I tend towards the direct narrative & not the subtle social metaphor. I thought the Civil Rights For Lupine-Americans campaign was pretty good, though. As well as Roxy's reaction.
Roxy: So, it catching?
Burne: Lycanthropy? You can't really get it unless I bite you, not like if I kiss you or anything-- *grins* --unless I bite you.
Roxy: What's it like?
Burne: It's pretty okay, you're just a wolf three days a month, which is nice. Plus, I don't get periods.
Roxy: *holding out arm* BITE ME!! BITE ME!!

Anyway, most of today has been about substitutions, as well as about melting my glasses beyond recognition. No paint? A mixture of wood glue and eyeshadow sealed with a layer of clear nail polish should do nicely. No bating for the armature? The ancients used newspaper, you should be able to do just fine with kleenex. No expensive fabrics? Hell, I can cut up this old t-shirt, and boy do dryer sheets look cool. We don't appear to have any epoxy, though, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to need some kind of glue, as well as some kind of hairish material. Also I'm going to have to learn to sew.
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