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If I want to hurt you, I'll do it to your face. I won't put it on here. This space is for me.

I want to be crabbed. I want to be spidery. I want to be smooth and flowing. I want to be neat copperplate. What I have right now is scratchy, angular & erratic. I want to have something I wouldn't be ashamed to write with a quill pen. Speed is also an issue.

It strikes me that this is as good a forum as any to begin the discussion of what is good and what is bad. Having made the assertion that I've known one basically good person in my life, I'll start. A good person is someone who is true to the morals they espouse.
Q: If you're talking about people who aren't hypocrites, you know plenty of people who are "good people."
K: Okay, I should add a clause which says that to be "good," you have to be more interesting than unbuttered whole wheat toast.
Q: Isn't that slightly unfair?
K: No.
Q: Um...okay. I feel that at this point we should talk about religious people.
K: Oh, God or lack thereof. It doesn't count if your morals are ingrained into you with a steel chisel from birth. You have to arive at them by thought and experience, and hence be not one-sided as unbuttered whole wheat toast.
Q: Toast has two sides.
K: If you think I'm giving up this metaphor, you are very wrong.
Q: So you're saying that "good" implies "intelligent".
K: You know, I've agonised about it for a couple of minutes, and I see no reason to mollycoddle the stupid. I sense that this might offend people. But for the life of me I can't see why.
Q: I'm guessing arrogance? If someone who considers you stupid were to see this, it would annoy them that you elevate yourself so.
K: Well, but someone who considers me stupid isn't a good person!
Q: Do you mean they're not intelligent, or not nice?
K: The second.
Q: So now you're getting out of the morally relativistic stance you took to begin with.
K: Well, you can see that it has flaws.
Q: Like, if someone were to espouse that everyone should go around killing & raping each other.
K: The very example I was thinking of.
Q: Well, obviously.

*five minute break for snacks*

Q: So besides practicing what he preaches, a good person's morals have to line up with your own.
K: Beyond some basic social tenets like "don't kill people," that doesn't have to be true.
Q: You mentioned niceness.
K: There's some sort of social dynamic going on there. Like who's more important to you, you or the person you're interacting with, so don't hurt her feelings. I don't know. I'm never going to understand that except in the most abstract terms.
Q: It seems like that's something you have to understand to interact even on the simplest level with people.
K: I suppose I have some sort of learned response to social situations, gleaned from years & years of being a girl, but I don't understand it on such an intellectual level that I could go make changes in it for the better.
Q: That's pretty abstract right there.
K: Right you are. And we should stop.
Q: But I cannot!
K: No! We can beat this thing, together!
Q: Hold me.

*End of Act One*
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