Kiru Banzai (tcherub) wrote,
Kiru Banzai

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from the silence from the night comes a distant lullaby

Took a math test. Halfway through, suddenly noticed that I was dripping blood out of my head. Loathe to disturb the class by getting up & asking for a kleenex, I just sat there, bleeding onto my hands and the desk and the test and the calculator and trying to remember how to find the inverse of a 3X3 matrix. Which I failed to do. Turned bloody, incomplete test in, went to the bathroom to wash. And I gotta tell ya, that stuff just does not come out. Returned to class, realized that no one had noticed me bleeding, had noticed me leaving. So that's not the answer. Maybe it's violence towards others. I might try that some time.

second entry: cain & abel love story, my funny valentine, valley of the dolls, what I've learned.
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