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the way you treat me likely only slightly brings me down a lot

I don't think that I'll ever be the same.
If I....

The story being called, of course, "I would offer up a brick to the back of your head, boy (if I was Cain)" So, they are both very young boys, and Abel is just everyone's glass of sunshine, including Cain's. Cain's world has suddenly become very narrow, and it consists of exactly one person. (Obvious "the only two people in the world" metaphor goes here.) Everything else is secondary. This begins to present a problem when Cain enters kindergarten and his agressive tendencies get someone to play out on. Alienation & numerous calls home to parents follow. It's all good, though, because when he gets home he gets to take care of his brother, and Eve gets a martini break. ensues, I guess...I don't know, I am very tired. Also wary of talking about the incest angle.

I desire:
a) A complete dissolution of all my bonds with members of the human race, making me the perfect, self-sufficient being.
b) That everyone should like me & want to talk to me.
c) Steak.
d) True love. Then I can be a misanthropic bitch to the rest of the human race, yet still get the "people like me" thing.
e) Man, do I want some steak.
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